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Our story

The Angry Pablo Philosophy

Angry Pablo was set up by two friends whose diverging paths in life were always brought back together by a passion for cycling.

As cyclists ourselves, we understand the impact that regular exercise can have on other aspects of life. Therefore we got together to think of ways that we could make our own footprint on the cycling world and help those who live for the ride and the adventures that come with it. 

One thing in particular that unites the founders of Angry Pablo is a longstanding admiration of brands that are driven by customer experience. We think that for too long the world of cycling has been missing a brand that strives to understand not only the cyclist, but also the person behind the bike. 

At Angry Pablo we understand that life continues when you step off the pedals. Therefore we are committed to ensuring that our off-the-bike products are delivered with the same level of care and attention to detail as our cycling specific range. We don’t want to be seen as just another cycling brand that is having a punt at the casual clothes market, but rather a group of cycling enthusiasts that take enormous pride in what we wear when we’re not on our bikes. It is our mission to develop both lines of products with an equal amount of dedication and integrity. 

It is this philosophy that inspired us to put pen to paper and start working on Angry Pablo- a cycling specific retailer that will think of exciting new ways to make sure that our customers are the envy of the peloton.




The journey so far

At the beginning of this journey we set out to find out what UK cyclists felt was missing from the current cycling market. It quickly became apparent that the vast majority wanted to see more being done to bridge the gap between lifestyle and performance. 

Over the past year we have worked with industry experts from across Europe to create two collections that we are extremely proud of. We are committed to developing both of these ranges, by releasing new and innovative products that will help to make the transition between riding and relaxing that little bit smoother. Much of what we release is intentionally multifunctional; in doing so we hope to help our customers to navigate the modern world on their bikes with the ease that it deserves.

For Angry Pablo this is only the beginning-- we hope you’ll join us for the ride.